Magoo 3d Studios

We adapt to your direction. And we direct from our own experience. Our creative and technical breakthroughs are possible as the result of continuous changes in perspective, and the fact that we seldom are satisfied.

Weʼre an animation, design and post production studio, and since the first day we opened back in 2000, weʼve constantly pushed to evolve technically while never losing sight of the power of the moving image. We direct our own productions and partner with others (agencies, studios, directors) on theirs.

We thrive on the exchange of ideas with our clients and the shared adrenaline from doing what might seem impossible. We donʼt bring the attitude and we donʼt act like we have all the answers. What we do have is dedicated full-time teams because we believe this is truly the best way to provide our clients with a guaranteed quality of service.

We work with some of the most recognizable brands in the world—and that means challenging projects and high expectations. We believe that “good enough” rarely is. So we emphasize serious project management as the bedrock of every project. Itʼs more than just maintaining schedules and watching deadlines, itʼs being on top of the details, making sure everyone on the team is being heard, and ensuring that we are always delivering a final product that meets or exceeds the work on our reel and the expectations of our customer.

Magoo has been recognized with plenty of mentions and awards, including the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for best commercial, the Roy awards for best special effects job, and FWAʼs site of the year. But we believe that the best projects are always the ones yet to come.