Absolut Vodka – Drinks

Client: Absolut Vodka, Agency: Workshop, Director: Ensrettet, Production Company: Acne Production, Post & 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

Absolut Vodka was shopping for new fresh films to add to their 2010 print campaign, Absolut Drinks, to be used in stores, bars and airports. The films were produced in an extremly short timeframe.

Doing six commercials from scratch in three weeks sounded a little bit crazy when the client asked us if we would like to help them produce the films. But deep down we had the feeling that we knew how to transform the boards to animation (since we one year earlier delivered a similar set of films and the client had those films as a style sheet reference).

Still, three weeks is a really short timeframe, so we had to keep the management side of the project at its best, just so we wouldn't even lose 30 minutes.

We pulled it off, on time and delivered these lovely movies.