Acura – S.H.I.E.L.D. Ops

Client: Acura/Marvel, Agency: RP&, Production Company: B-Reel, Sound Design: Plan8, 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

Following the success of 2011's Acura/Thor site we were once again tasked with making graphics for an amazing website promoting both the car manufacturer Acura and Marvel's "The Avengers" hitting the big screens in early 2012.

Webb projects often tend to be a big challenge since its hard to grasp what assets will be needed before development starts. To amend that this time we got involved early with B-Reel LA, discussing the best solution for each individual task in the production. The project was divided in two main parts; animated interface assets, such as backgrounds and weapon turntables, and game assets. Each with its own problems and limitations.

For the game assets, there where four completely different games that needed design and CG attention. One of the challenges here was to create as nice looking game as possible, while still thinking about performance and game engine limitations. We ended up making a vast amount of assets, everything from Acura cars driving, firing Thors lightning gun and Hulks shockwave gun to our own little army of hostile drones with walk and attack animations.

The interface assets were mostly animated backgrounds. Each had intro and outro animations where lights flicker on and off aswell as any additional animations that was needed for that particular background. Once again, being a webproject, one challenge here was to make the site as vivid as possible but still keeping the load times at a minimum for the user. We managed this by using loops and reusing most of the backgrounds only having selected regions animated.

The end result became a spectacular website, really pushing the boundaries of what a website can be with fluid animations, great interactivity and sound design.

The site was awarded Site of the day by The FWA on April 30th 2012.