Allt till salu – Vignette

Client: Kanal5/Eyeworks, Production Company: Magoo 3D Studios, Music: Renskalla Records: Erik Mossnelid, 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

This project involved making a complete program package for the show 'Allt till salu' for Kanal 5/Eyeworks.

The show is about everyday people all over Sweden who, via a web site called, are selling personal and unique items. We get the stories and meet the persons behind the items and get to see what happens to the items after they are sold.

Starting from scratch it was our job to come up with concept, story and graphic style. We ended up making it in a stylized and corky, miniature design on a revolving model world. Cartoony, overly saturated and fun.

We had a lot of fun comming up with the design for the characters and the environment for this project and we think that it shows!