Coke Zero – Battle for Everything

Client: Coke Zero, Production Company: B-Reel, CG Assets and Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

We were asked by B-Reel to create the graphical assets for a Coke-Zero sponsored browser game to the "Battleship" Blockbuster-Movie. Loads of Units, Maps and Explosions had to be generated while staying true to the look and feel of the original movie.

Since it is a topview tower defense game, one of the challenges was to create units that is easy to read and distinguishe from one another, with lots of detail and without going too far away from the units shown in the movie. Not a trivial task, given that most of the units aren't any bigger than 50x50 pixels in the final game.

We got a rough layout for the maps from B-Reel regarding where should be land, where water and where units can and can't go. The terrains where created in 3ds Max and Mudbox, and we had some brushes prepared to simply paint trees and foliage on the rendered images. To make the maps feel less static, we added loopable elements as ocean movement, breaking waves at the shores, burning shipwrecks and uprising steam.

No actiongame without explosions! We created lots of them by making heavy use of FumeFX, and since these alien bastards don't just simply explode like our earthly units (whose explosions you hopefully hadn't to witness too often while playing the game) some electrical lightbeams had to be added on top of it. Explosions have the tendency to leave nothing but destruction and mayhem, and so we created damaged and destroyed versions of most units and map targets, too.

B-Reel was very quick to have a working prototype of the game running, which was a great opportunity for some relaxing games during working-hours....well, way too many aliens and explosions to be relaxing, but a great fun anyway!