Philips – 21:9 Carousel

Client: Philips, Agency: Tribal DDB, Amsterdam, Director: Adam Berg, Production Company: Stink Digital, Post Production: Redrum, Particle Effects: Magoo 3D Studios

In January 2009, Philips announced its new Philips Cinema 21:9 line of LCD televisions, promoting them as being the first production television whose proportions matched that of a cinema screen. To inform consumers about the product's features, Philips approached advertising agency Tribal DDB in Amsterdam with a request to create an advertising campaign based around an educational website.

Even with 90 percent of the final footage and stunts captured in-camera, the post-production work required for Carousel was extensive. Head of VFX was Redrum.

3D elements such as flying debris, explosions, smoke effects and muzzle flashes were created by Magoo 3d Studios using 3ds max.

"Seeing a script, and boards thinking that this is going to be something else is a feeling that you don't get every day. But the script and storyboards from Adam Berg was like pages from a comic book and got our complete team going '-Holy mother of god!'. We just knew that this was going to be special." Andreas Östlund, Magoo 3d Studios

The spot won numerous prices, the largest one being the Cannes Lions Grand Prix of 2009.

The chairman of the Film Lions jury, David Lubars, said: "It’s what we call a magnet. What the films must do today is draw viewers in voluntarily. And to do that they have to be extraordinarily engaging, creative and mind blowing and we think this is. It was a unanimous decision."

The release of Carousel was a huge success. In just over two weeks, it had been viewed over half a million times, with visitors to the minisite spending an average of 5m20s watching the film.