FedEx – Solutions That Matter

Client: FedEx, Agency: BBDO NYC, Production Company: B-Reel and B-Reel Films, Director: Johan Perjus,
CG/VFX and Post production: Magoo 3D Studios

The four "Solution That Matters" spots takes us on a interactive journey backwards in time in a frozen world with multiple character instances. Sounds complicated?

B-Reel with Johan Perjus as director contacted us about this project about one week before the shoot. We where introduced to the concept of the backward storytelling in frozen time. The spots would live in a mixture of live action sets with added CG props and full CG environments. Everything was a bit overwhelming at the beginning but Magoo always likes a good challenge.

Initially a time slice rig was considered in order to achieve the frozen time effect, but that was later abandoned for the Milo motion control system as we needed more dynamic camera moves.

All VFX supervision and post production from offline edit to final grading was handled at the Magoo facilities.

Check out the site for the full experience:

Big thanks to all the people involved making this project possible!