Kanal5 – Fenomen Trailer

Client: Kanal5, Post & 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

"The Swedish teaser to my show Fenomen is the best one from all the 15 countries. I was chocked when I saw it, it was so good!" -Uri Geller

Early 2011 Magoo was approached by the Swedish TV channel Kanal5 to help out on a very ambitious, fast paced and VFX heavy 60 second trailer for Uri Geller's mentalist show Fenomen.

At first we didn't understand why they needed our help with the VFX as they had full access to Uri's powers. We decided not to question the master of mentalism and ended up working closely with the Kanal5 in-house team on the project. Magoo completed all of the 3d, keying, compositing and grading for the 40+ shots needed for the trailer.

The trailer was shot over two days, both on RED and Arri Alexa. Magoo acted as technical supervisor making sure the green screen was going to work, setting up markers for the scenes that needed camera tracking, taking reference photos of the living room set and shooting HDRI's for lighting and reflection environments.

The last we heard from Uri was that he had sent the trailer to Steven Spielberg.