Kanal5 – Impossible Logo Ident

Client: Kanal5, Production Company: Proud Creative, Post & 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

Another fun ident for the Swedish TV channel Kanal 5! This time around the theme was mentalism and optical illusions. So, pretty twisted in other words.

This was our first collaboration with London based Proud Creative, who stood for design and concept for the ident. After we had our first meeting with them, where we went through their first mood- and storyboards, our brains almost got fried from too much lateral thinking. Some how we managed to get our heads on straight again and started work with what we had grasped from the meeting.

Since this ident is such a weird journey through a series of funny scenes it was kind of hard to get a complete picture by looking at a storyboard. Therefore we started off by building a rough model of the skewed world and started to do some camera work in there. This helped us to get a better, and more understandable, platform for discussion with the other parties involved (trust me, those talks were weird enough as it was). For us, internally, it also gave us an clearer view of what this project would require from us.

The first big hurdle that we ran into was the double perspective in the beginning of the spot. Not a hard thing to accomplish when you got a still camera, however if you like a challenge try doing it with a moving one. Once our senior animator Henrik had nailed the camera and solved that problem we could start creating all the different scenes. We bounced a lot of different ideas to Kanal 5 and Proud regarding the flow, timing and general feel of the different ”rooms”.

Other hurdles we had to overcome included rendering the hair-water the water/air drain scene and the making of the five balls that turn inside out.

Judging by the explosion of superlatives from our clients following our delivery they really thought we knocked it out of the park!

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