Katshing – The Mobile King

Client: Katshing, Agency: Blackboard, Production Company: Magoo 3D Studios, Post & 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

The King is one of those funny projects that has totally transformed and evolved over the years.

It all started with a logo that was outdated and a client needing something new and fresh but still very daring. We ended up doing a nice print job out of the project and after a while kind of forgot about it. But they came for more and one day asked us if we could animate the character, something that was never intended.

We rigged the king and learned the restrictions to what he could and couldn't do (the model is not really designed as an athlete). Since then we have done numerous animations on the king and have streched the limitations of what he can do, more than once.

We enjoy working with this client, there are few limits to what we can or can't do from their perspective, even Jason masked kings running around with chainsaws!