Client: MECA, Agency: Adamsson Appelfeldt Advertising, Production Company: Hobby Factory, Post & 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

The Swedish car repair shop chain Meca, started off the autumn of 2010 with their first TVC, and went with a full CG spot produced by us in collaboration with Adamsson Appelfeldt Advertising and Hobby Factory.

As Meca is 'the repair shop for all brands' we had to build a generic SUV that was getting a service/tune up performed on it. That, plus the fact that the spot starts off with the car getting put together on an assembly line, ment we had to be quite meticulous during the modeling phase. Every bolt had to fit some place real.

During the modeling part of the project we also did some initial lighting tests for the environment and started work on the animatic. A couple of animatics down the road we had cut some shots out due to flow and time limitations. In return we had a timing locked off. It was time to get down to business!

A period of tweaking followed as well as some fx work that was added to the breakdown scene. After some last minute changes to the endboard and some serious rendering it was just a matter of compositing and mastering left. Voilá!

Simply put, the Magoo team together with Hobby Factory, AAA and clients pulled of a stunning first TVC for Meca. Congrats to all!