PNC – Christmas index 2010

Client: PNC, Agency: Deutsch, Production Company: B-Reel - NYC, Post & 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

Every year PNC Bank present their christmas price index, based on the 12 days of christmas, christmas carol. The idea is to give you the current years cost of the 12 christmas gifts in the song. Believe it or not, but PNC have been doing this for the last 24 years.

For the 2010 christmas index Magoo helped B-Reel out by doing the 3d elements, animation and design. It turned out to be a cool and fun project to work on.

The R&D started off in the book stores, buying a lot of pop up books. We wanted to make sure we got the pop up engineering as true to real world as possible. The big challenge was to get the design and the pop up mechanics working together and it demanded some serious rigging to get it all to move as supposed. To get a realistic look a lot of time was spent adding flaws and imperfections to the the book.

It all turned out really nice and we are very happy with the end result.