Powerade – Copa América

Client: Coca Cola - Powerade, Agency: Madre Buenos Aires, Director & Design: PSYOP, Production Company: PSYOP and Pioneer,
CG and Post production: Magoo 3D Studios, Music Sound Design: Q Department

This full CG TVC is for the Coca Cola brand Powerade, for South American soccer tournament Copa América 2011. The spot was produced in a collaboration between Magoo an PSYOP.

When the first treatment for this campaign landed in our lap we got really excited. From the get go it was looking like something that could turn out to be a really cool spot. Later on when we got the style frames from PSYOP, two things dawned on us. This was going to look very cool and it was going to take a huge commitment from us to complete.

To start things off we took some initial planning meetings where we nailed the production pipeline and laid down the major milestones. We had to be off to a good start to be able to finish this spot on time so those meetings were crucial.

After receiving the boardomatics and bouncing them back and forth a couple of times with the creative director at PSYOP we started work on the animatic. We used 3ds max's built-in CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) for the characters in the character heavy sequences. Their customizable, ready to use walk/run cycles really saved time and gave us a quick sense of how the soccer players had to move for the mo-cap shoot later on.

While the animatic and early lighting tests was getting on its way our character team had also started work on their end. They had been looking at the rig options we had and were digging into what the best mo-cap solution could be. We got in contact with Xsens because we had heard good things about their Moven suit. They helped us get into their software and after we got our hands on a moven suit we simply contacted a local soccer team SFF for talent!

The mo-cap shoot was great fun! We shot the whole thing in an indoor soccer stadium in Söderhamn, Sweden with two of SFF:s top players as talent. Beside the motion data we captured the whole day on film. That way we would be able to look at the mo-cap later and at the same time see on film what was really going on. There was a lot of running and stopping, running and stopping...

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the next phase was getting the cleaned motion data from the suit plotted onto an IK-rig that we then could add animation to. Or in some cases just tweak the mo-cap data. After some re-rigging and tweaks to the rig itself we came out with a pretty good solution. Except for modeling and mapping, which was done in Max, we used Softimage for all the character work. Skinning, rigging, cloth-simulation and animation was done there and then exported to Max for scene assembly (we had all scene assembly and rendering in Max + V-ray, except for the water scene which was all Softimage).

Finally, after weeks of facial rigging, animation, smoke-, water-, cloth-, hair-simulations, full HD rendering, huge 3d-comps and a whole lot of manpower later we had an awesome 30 second full CG spot for Powerade – Copa America!

This was a real team effort and a great co-production between PSYOP and Magoo, The project really pushed our team to excel beyond what we ever thought possible.
Many thanks to creative director Gerald Ding and producer Michael Neihartt from Psyop for great support and inspiring help along the way.

Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and devotion!