REWE – Besser Leben

Client: REWE, Agency: Heimat, Production Company: B-Reel/Cobblestone, Director: Johan Perjus, Grading: MPC, VFX and Post Production: Magoo 3D Studios

The REWE spot is a beautiful and suggestive commercial for REWE by Heimat Berlin, Cobblestone Hamburg, B-reel films director Johan Perjus and Magoo 3d studios.

The post work for Magoo included smoke filled soap bubbles, cg-kites, on-set supervision, tracking, roto, cleanup and online.

The biggest and most challenging task on this commercial was, without a doubt, the smoke filled soap bubbles. After alot of discussion of how we actually were going to create these huge bubbles; filming, cg or a mix. We went with our initial gut feeling, the approach that would allow the greatest control and creative freedom, full cg.
We started testing different solutions involving shaders, volume fog and fume fx but ultimately chose to go down the fume fx route and got to work.

We where on set in Berlin to make sure we got shots that was going to work and that had markers where we needed them. We also shoot HDRIs and distortion grids for the complete range of lenses used on the shoot.

In the end the bubble shots included creative fume fx simulations and some minor cloth sims.
The smoke simulations needed to behave in a certain way and be of very fine detail and therefore got very time consuming to work on. So we decided to spend many hours on testing and optimizing the workflow. When we finally had a client approved setup that worked within our limits we were pressed for time and had to churn out smoke very fast to our compers who had already cleaned, rotoed and tracked the filmed backplates.

Another big job was the cg-kites in the end scenes on the field. We got 3 types of filmed kites for reference but ended up doing more than ten different types in cg. A solid ICE tree was built in Softimage to control the ones in the very last shot while the other scenes were made "by hand" shot by shot.
The end shot was also a big comp job, starting basically with a clean field. After keying, roto and painting all the different layers of crowds we comped the plates together to make a big picnic scene and then added the kites from our cg team.

On top of all that we did alot of roto and clean-up, almost every shot in this commercial was manipulated in some fashion.

All-in-all a huge undertaking and a real test for our whole production team. Good job by all the crew at Magoo, very proud of us for pulling this off! Thank you!

And thanks to all other involved parties!