Xyntha – All-In-One Syringe

Client: Pfizer, Production Company: We Are Plus, Post & 3D Animation: Magoo 3D Studios

Being a Hemophilia A patient means that you have to be careful. Hurting yourself and starting to bleed will have devestating consequenses if you don't get treatment fast.

Together with our frinds over at We are Plus we helped Pfizer to get the Xyntha syringe (a brand new product for Hemophilia A patients) modelled, animated and rendered in this 60 sec commercial/demo.

Working on site in New York for the first week we were able to get the project up and running very quickly. We had a strong animatic with us when we moved the project back to Söderhamn for integration into our in our full production pipeline.

One of the toughest challenges in this project was getting the 60 seconds to feel like they were meaningful, since we had only the one product in the movie, that was one of our worries going in to pre-production. Everything worked out fine and the movie turned out nice and tight in the end.